Life License Qualification Program (LLQP) Integrity Committee

Life Agent Licensing Regulatory Authorities
Initiative/Project Name: Life License Qualification Program (LLQP) Integrity Committee
Status: Complete

The three key objectives of this group were:

  1. To ensure that the exam question data bank was maintained.
  2. To review and modify the LLQP design document as and when required.
  3. To liaise with and work in conjunction with the national exam administrator to ensure the orderly operation of the examination process.

The LLQP Integrity Committee was disbanded in 2007 as other methods were undertaken by CISRO to ensure the integrity of the examination process. This ended CCIR’s direct involvement with the LLQP examinations, however, at CISRO’s request, CCIR has continued to post the annual results of the LLQP exams.


LLQP Information:

Link to CISRO:



Document Name Date Description
Jurisdictional Contact List for Licensing August 2010 Licensing contact information for each jurisdiction that uses the LLQP.
LLQP Course Design Document January 2010 Updated course design document
Response to LLQP report August 2003 Response from CCIR to recommendations contained in the LLQP Examination Report
LLQP Examination Report May 2003 Report from the LLQP Integrity Committee regarding the LLQP examination
News release - LLQP May 2002 News release from CCIR & CISRO regarding LLQP
Backgrounder May 2002 Backgrounder for news release regarding LLQP
Letter to stakeholders April 2002 Letter to stakeholders regarding LLQP, including Questions and Answers regarding Optional Equivalency
News Release - Proficiency Standard October 3, 2001 News release from CCIR regarding harmonization proposals for a national
life agent proficiency standard.