Credit Scoring Working Group

Credit Scoring Working Group
Initiative/Project Name: Credit Scoring Working Group
Status: Active
Description: The Credit Scoring Working Group is reviewing and examining the issues and options around the use of credit scoring models in underwriting and other ways that insurers use data from credit rating agencies. The working group reports the results of its review to the CCIR, whose individual members may apply these as they consider appropriate.



Document Name Date Description
Stakeholder Letter November 2012 Release of Findings Report Use of Creidt Scores by Insurers.
Findings Report November 2012 Findings Report Use of Credit Scores by Insurers.
Stakeholder Submissions September 2011 Stakeholder Submissions - Issues Paper use of Credit Scores by Insurers.
Stakeholder Letter June 2011 Release of Use of Credit Scores by Insurers.
Issues Paper June 2011 Use of Credit Scores by Insurers.
Report on Credit-Based Insurance Questionnaire November 2009 FSCO, on behalf of all Canadian Council of Insurance Regulators (CCIR) members, except Québec and British Columbia, sought information, through a questionnaire, to better understand how credit scoring is being used in the insurance industry.