Final Documents

Initiative / Project Name


Date Published


Report on Credit-Based Insurance Questionnaire

November 2009

FSCO, on behalf of all Canadian Council of Insurance Regulators (CCIR) members, except Québec and British Columbia, sought information, through a questionnaire, to better understand how credit scoring is being used in the insurance industry.
IPRC Final Report - Managing COI
December 2008
Final report from CCIR on the implementation of the Three Principles for Managing Conflicts of Interest, including letter to stakeholders and survey results.
ISI Final Report on ISI
November 2008
Final report from CCIR on Incidental Selling of Insurance
RbMC Final report on Approach to RbMC
October 2008
Final report from CCIR: An Approach to Risk-Based Market Conduct Regulation
Privilege Final Report on Whistle Blower protection
July 2008
Final report from CCIR: Privilege Model and Whistle Blower Protection
IPRC Final Recommendation - COI
June 2006
Letter to Stakeholders from IPRC - Final recommendations of the committee regarding Managing Conflict of Interest
Reciprocal Licensing Letter to Industry
June 8, 2006
Letter to industry announcing the adoption of a reliance model of reciprocal licensing for the insurance agent/broker licensing system in Canada effective July 4, 2006.
Classes of Insurance Classes of Insurance Information Release
March 2002
News Release, IBC Guidelines, Amalgamation of Classes
Consumer Protection Initiatives Principles for Consumer Protection
June 2000
Consumer Protection Principles from CCIR whose purpose is to provide one generic, high level standard which forms the basis for CCIR’s projects in consumer protection.